HRtech believes technology is a driving force in a rapidly changing world of work. It will be instrumental in designing more efficient processes, creating an engaging employee experience and enable better decision making. We present two awards. The for team of the year and the HRtech.startup.award for startup of the year. The jury has judged all the applications. Now it’s up to you to put forward your favorite candidate. Read all about their HRtech project below and cast your vote for team of the year and startup of the year.

Team of the year

And the nominees are…

QbD Group

In this war for talent, continual self-reinvention as an employer and scrutinizing our processes and policies remain crucial. This ensures the retention of our current workforce and attracts future employees. In 2019, we led the way in the life sciences consulting sector by introducing a bicycle leasing program. Now, once again pioneering, we respond to the growing demand for sustainable and flexible mobility solutions from our current and prospective employees.

Within the Mbrella tool, employees can effortlessly create personalized mobility plans, relieving the payroll team of excessive workload. They autonomously handle public transport subscriptions, enter mobility expenses, and monitor their remaining budget, all in one user-friendly platform, for both employee and employer. The seamless integration with our payroll system, Officient, ensures smooth monthly payroll processing.


As a healthcare retailer, Goed has a keen eye for sales, advice, and customer support. The margin project, initiated at the end of last year, aimed to generate an additional revenue of €150,000 within 9 months through a focus on people, processes, and products. For the product aspect, we selected five specific product categories. The process was improved to support our employees in offering optimal products, including adjustments to store layout, inventory parameters, and the introduction of a performance dashboard. To empower our employees, we enhanced their knowledge, provided insight into margins, improved product knowledge, and increased sales skills. Through FLOWSPARKS, we launched an e-learning trajectory for five product categories, allowing employees to practice in a playful manner thanks to intuitive SMART templates. After two months, we have already achieved an additional revenue of €40,000, and our employees are requesting expansion to other product categories. While our ultimate goal has not yet been reached, we also aim for closer integration of our ERP system with predefined KPIs to offer additional support to employees.

Port of Antwerp – Bruges

This program reflected the organization’s strategic goals set out by the new management team and HR department. Our CEO and CHRO decided to better prepare the company for an ever evolving future, by redesigning the company structure and reevaluating what skills and competencies were needed in order to achieve its objectives. One way to accomplish this was to maximize internal mobility where possible. The program provided HR and management with powerful tools. Strong insights grounded in real data supported the decision-making process. This was especially helpful during the merger of the ports of Bruges and Antwerp. MyPort enabled us to fully incorporate the two employee groups on one platform at an early stage, which was key to design the new company and to the further integration of the different divisions and departments. A second even more important achievement was to provide the employees with tools necessary to empower them and foster their skillset in order to grow and move to a new position. This was achieved not only through the implementation of Goals and Performance, but also by better keeping track off the needed skills for each position. Last but not least, MyPort has been delivered within time and budget despite an extended scope.

DPG Media

During the entire project and follow-up, we remain true to our DPG Media values and we keep the 3 key principles in mind (simplicity, flexibility and individuality).

A first successful cross-country HR project delivered by an enthusiastic and intrinsically motivated team.

We keep focusing on the why (development and retention of talent to assure future success of the company) We designed and implemented a “go to” platform on which all aspects relevant to our employees’ career are centralised : ambition, objectives, feedback, performance reviews, competencies linked with recommended training or learning paths on our LXP, our internal vacancies and so on. This environment is called GRIP : Growth, Results, Interaction, and Perspective. Not a tool but a way of working, a ‘go to’ digital environment fostering a culture of transparent feedback

Qualitative and recurrent communication : 2 GRIP magazines have been distributed within our company: one focusing on the why and on the importance of open conversations and social safety. And one focusing on the digital transformation within our company, stimulating employees to keep learning and developing.

Last but not least : we truly are a great HR team: motivated and engaged professionals going for the best result and connecting both professionally and personally. This year we had our first shortski and had sooooo much fun. We are a happy bunch of ‘frolleagues’.


At imec we all have a shared goal, shared drive & shared ambition to get the best result in everything we do. No matter which team you are part of, it is a general feeling and mindset at our company. Also in this specific case a new on-cross-offboarding solution for our new employees & internal stakeholders.

Building excellent solutions needs an end-to-end design of the process. On top of this and more specific in this case, we applied a cross-product thinking approach (Cornerstone – SAP successfactors/content based web application – MS teams). We combined the latest technology capabilities in integrations, user experience & process automation.

This is exactly where the imec Digital HR team makes the difference. They act as the link between HR, ICT and Consultants. They challenge designs on usability, efficiency and technology choices. They also flourish good relationships, enabling them to involve the right people at the right time with the right skills to achieve the best results.

2022 was a remarkable year where we all had to go the extra mile to support our growing company and – on top of that – realize an ambitious project. Our Imec HR team and management always made sure we have each other’s back in this current high paced environment. We could not have asked for more.

Startup of the year

And the nominees are…


Bevoy deserves to win because we have developed an innovative, all-in-one well-being solution that effectively addresses the diverse needs of today’s workforce. Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with expert insights to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to employee well-being. By focusing on inclusivity, continuous improvement, and fostering a supportive environment, we empower employees to become the best version of themselves, which in turn leads to increased productivity and a healthier, more engaged workforce. As a result, Bevoy has a significant and tangible impact on organizations, positioning ourselves as a game-changer in the HR tech space.


BloomUp, the innovative mental well-being platform, deserves to be recognized as the Startup of the Year. With its unique combination of personal and digital approaches, BloomUp has revolutionized the way therapy is accessed and delivered. With BloomUp, HR teams gain powerful tools to proactively address mental health concerns within their organizations. Through actionable analytics, HR professionals can gain valuable insights into usage patterns, engagement levels, and well-being trends. This data empowers them to make informed decisions and implement targeted initiatives that enhance employee well-being. Moreover, BloomUp’s personal and digital approach offers HR teams an accessible and scalable solution to support their workforce. The platform equips employees with video consultations and growth tracks for personal development, allowing them to address their mental health needs in a convenient and confidential manner. This results in increased employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. BloomUp’s commitment to privacy ensures that organizations can prioritize confidentiality and respect individual boundaries. By fostering a culture of trust, BloomUp encourages employees to seek support without fear of judgment or disclosure, leading to improved well-being outcomes. By empowering HR professionals with actionable insights and providing a comprehensive solution for employee mental well-being, BloomUp transforms workplaces into healthier, more supportive environments


huapii deserves this award for transforming the HR landscape by fostering a culture of continuous performance, skill management, and feedback, and most importantly, by putting the employee first. Our platform serves as a catalyst for thriving work culture, empowering employees and aiding strategic HR decisions. A shining example of our impact is the successful implementation at DPG Media. Our software fostered a transparent feedback culture, boosting employee morale, and providing valuable insights into their development needs. With respected B2B references, including Telenet, VRT, and Tomorrowland, we have shown significant potential for scalability. At huapii, we believe in a future where employees thrive, HR excels, and the organisation prospers. A final reason for huapii to win this award is our dedicated team of 16 full-time employees. Their daily commitment to creating a transformative HR platform and their tireless efforts to support our clients are the backbone of our success. From engineering to customer support, every team member exemplifies our vision of a thriving workplace culture that we want to promote ourselves.

Karamel one BV

Karamel deserves to win because we are a company that’s really disrupting the recruitment industry by putting the individual at the center. We are the first application in the world that fully adopted the SOLID data pod technology! So, we don’t own data, our users do! On our platform, companies apply to candidates (yes – the other way around!). Our users are in control – they save their data in their own personal SOLID data pod and decide who gets access to their data. Everyone talks about upskilling and reskilling but almost nobody knows their own skill profile. We enable our users to create a unique skill profile in which they tell us how good they are in a skill and how much they would like to use this in their next job. We then use this information to match them anonymously with job (skill) profiles created by companies on our platform. Now, it’s up to the companies to reach out to those profiles with a matching profile. Once a contact request has been sent, the users get to decide whether or not they want to share their data. Recruitment will never be the same!


LIZY deserves to win the Startup of the year award because we have brought an innovative solution to a typically old school industry. Our service solves some critical problems (long delivery times, increasing car prices, bad customer experience) in a unique and unprecedented way, disrupting the industry and driving tangible results for our customers. We have achieved exceptional growth, showcasing our ability to scale and capture a significant market share in Belgium while also proving product market fit as we speak in France. Our dedicated team is driven by a relentless passion to create value and make a change in the lives of our customers. We embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, embodying resilience, adaptability, continuous innovation and most importantly : customer centricity. Winning the Startup of the year award would not only validate our hard work but also provide the recognition and resources needed to take LIZY to the next level.

Move to Happiness

The current market requires a comprehensive, digital, permanently accessible and semi-personalized employee wellbeing offering, which focuses on maximizing workforce engagement. The strongest companies of tomorrow will succeed in attracting and retaining talent by offering them a living and working environment that is aligned with their physical and digital identity. That is exactly where MTH can help companies.


The multi-country payroll market is ruled by big names. Yet, those big names have not been capable of building a real multi-country payroll integration platform for international SMEs. The way an international SME has to run its international payroll processes today, is a source of many headaches and is therefore a shame with all the technology available. Paybix has taken up the gauntlet to offer an affordable yet fully digitized international payroll platform and considers itself the little David against many Goliaths. Vlaio awarded us with a + 300K€ grant for our innovative concept, we hope the jury will reward us with their votes.


SalesNote is a great example of how technology can be used to optimize human contact and ultimately also increase job happiness among users!

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, leveraging AI in HR has become critical for organizations aiming to stay ahead. However, the market currently lacks seamless integration between essential platforms such as Vendor Management Systems (VMS), job boards, Kanban boards, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms. This disjointed approach not only leads to inefficiencies but also incurs significant costs. Introducing, the timely solution to bridge these gaps and provide an affordable and efficient end-to-end automation platform. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates VMS, job boards, Kanban boards, ATS, and HCM platforms, streamlining your recruitment and HR processes like never before. Say goodbye to manual data entry, repetitive tasks, and costly errors. What sets apart is our exceptional team’s extensive experience in HR, recruitment, and consulting. Their expertise ensures a deep understanding of the pain points faced by organizations, enabling us to tailor to meet your specific needs. Our team’s knowledge and insights are at the forefront of our product development, guaranteeing that remains innovative and ahead of the curve. With, you can achieve unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and improved decision-making. Harness the power of AI-driven automation and experience the transformative impact on your HR operations.


In a world where Apple has just presented its first spatial computer with augmented reality to be launched soon it is hard to believe that pay checks and salary payments are still at nearly the same technological advancement as when Apple launched the first Macintosh 128K in 1984. In a world where through our smartphones we have so many possibilities at our fingertips it is hard to believe we still have to wait for the end of the month to access our salary which we have already worked for. scudi should be crowned HR-tech of the year because we are solving a pressing real-world problem directly at the source with immediate and tangible impact revolutionizing the way people are able to shape their lives and clearing the path for a healthier relationship between employer and employee resulting in a win-win situation.

Important: You can only vote once. Voting ends on August 31 at 23h59 CET.

Voting has ended

Voting ended on August 31 at 23h59 CET.

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The jury

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Jürgen Ingels
Jürgen Ingels

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Ann Guinée
Ann Guinée
Ann Guinée

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Kathleen Vangronsvelt
Kathleen Vangronsvelt
Kathleen Van Gronsvelt

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Geert Van Conkelberge
Geert Van Conkelberge

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Kristof Van der Stadt
Kristof Van der Stadt

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