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Keynotes Wednesday 05.10.2022

Gala diner [05.10.2022] During the HRTECH.gala, the presentation of the HRTECH.2022.awards celebrates the and HRTECH.startup that have embodied this HRTECH.revolution. Combined with an inspirational keynote.

Keynotes Thursday 06.10.2022

Conference [06.10.2022] At the HRTECH.lounge innovative HR service providers and startups showcase their products and services where six major topics are addressed.

Breakout rooms Thursday 06.10.2022

The immersive workplace powered by Accenture

In a digital and services first economy, you can add value from virtually anywhere. Which is quite literally what the metaverse aims at being: virtually anywhere. Obviously, the rise of the metaverse will create new challenges and opportunities for the culture of work. Would you need a non-fungible token (NFT) to claim your desk or coffee mug? And where to buy that power suit for the important pitch on Thursday?

Data driven careers powered by Indeed

What’s your next career move? Could tech help you figure it out? Perhaps even together with your boss? As we work our way through days and projects, we create lots of data - tiny testimonials to our talent, competence and skill sets. Mining that data could reveal our true potential for the future, to both our own and employer’s benefits. Because when employees feel challenged and on track, they thrive. And when that happens, business too will thrive.

Talent marketplace powered by Risesmart

Finding and hiring the best talent out there, could give you that decisive competitive edge. Then again: that’s exactly what the competition also thinks. The pandemic has intensified the race for talent, as turbulence hit labor markets everywhere and as workers revised where, how and why they want to work. Do you want to be/get ahead of the game? Then job platform data sets or the trained eye of talent acquisition AI might be the answer. The next step: How to integrate job platform data sets in your HR processes?

Build your future ready workforce powered by SAP

With the vast changing landscape of HR over the past years, more companies are re-evaluating people practices to better understand their employees’ aspirations and goals. Join your peers in SAP’s HR transformation breakout room and get inspired to optimize your current strategies as you strive for a future ready workforce. With themes around skills transformation, engaged, mobile workforce, hybrid working and enhancing internal mobility to support business goals. We can promise you great insights on Learning and Employee Engagement Transformation, and how it is delivering competitive advantage for your businesses.

Learning in the flow of life powered by Sdworx

Jobs change, even if we don’t change jobs. But keeping ourselves up to date can go at the expense of both productive and personal time. What if our smart devices actually could make us smarter too, on the double - and on the go? Imagine catching up on deep knowledge or broad soft skills while you’re commuting or having a coffee break. In short: what if tech could help integrate learning into our existing daily habits?

Leading in a tech world powered by Workday

Intuition, gut feeling, an eye for things, a sixth sense: can they win a duel with data when it comes to decision making performance? Maybe it’s more a matter of teaming up data with less tangible people skills, in order to optimize the shots bosses have to call. Which project team will you assemble next? On what basis? Could data help you bypass your own hidden biases and strengthen your decision scorecard?

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