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Customised e-learning

08 September 2021

X2O, Overstock Garden, and Overstock Home offer their staff a combination of online and in-person training. They use FLOWSPARKS technology and services for the online part and the complete overview.

The three companies are a part of the Legio group. Happiness officers were appointed to focus more on training, well-being, and development in the future. 'Learning has not been a priority for the group for some time,' said Elke Van de Walle, HR manager of Overstock Garden and Overstock Home. 'Soft HR was not discussed and learning was only considered when there were knowledge gaps. We currently want to do something about this. Which is why we recruited staff with an absolute focus on soft HR, which includes learning & development. As a growing organization, we see an increasing demand for career, growth, and learning opportunities. We opted for happiness officers.'


At X2O, the happiness officer is Stephanie Sergeant. The sales department of each of the three organizations requested more training, explained Stephanie. 'The starting point was our sales staff's training needs. Employees asked us for a system that provided them with guidance and that already started with the onboarding. With the coronavirus, training on the job and face to face became more difficult, if not impossible. Because of the crisis, we needed e-learning modules that we could offer from the sales department out to the rest of the organization.' For the online part of the training, the organization sought a pragmatic hands-on partner offering a comprehensive platform, including an LMS system. The intention was to supplement the platform with in-house training, which would increase flexibility. We chose FLOWSPARKS.


Stephanie Sergeant: 'What appeals to us in the solution is that an approach was chosen that suits us perfectly. The e-learning is customized and developed in-house. The system also allows us to flexibly change and manage our training content according to the needs of our organization. This enables us to map out and follow up on our staff's training program. We noticed that the system is very much aligned with our own culture. We have retained ex-cathedra training, but FLOWSPARKS helps us with that too. The staff have some freedom in choosing their training, in-person, or self-study, so they work following their own path.'


The FLOWSPARKS flow provides flexible learning in an online world. The company actively creates blended learning programs, rolls these out, and follows up on them. Working with HR, we follow-up and report, said Christophe Jacobs, chief customer success officer. 'Our system is different for everyone. We link it to other existing systems and adapt it to the organization we work for. Anyone can grow with us, regardless of the complexity of the organization and platforms.' The company prides itself on its technology and its services. 'Our coaches help us think along with our customers. We jointly draw up an action plan and suggest customized solutions. The analysis occurs daily with the customer at their premises. This is how we create ready-made packages and think about the content. The content provided by our content creator then becomes the customer's property.' This is one of the ways FLOWSPARKS distinguishes itself from the competition. HR manager Elke Van de Walle confirmed this: 'We receive packages in their entirety from our partner. We can add things and tailor these to our needs. Our goal is to use the system to its full potential in the long-term. That is why everyone must learn it now. We also want to create our own content to enrich the platform.'

Autonomy, uniformity, and efficiency

X20, Overstock Garden, and Overstock Home want to give their staff more autonomy and ownership of their learning and career paths. 'We're starting with small steps,' said Elke Van de Walle. 'This should make them more proactive and allow them to work independently on their learning objectives.' The three organizations have many similar issues, so they work with the same system. If FLOWSPARKS develops a general package, each organization makes it its own, based on its own brand and corporate identity, said the HR manager. 'For instance, this applies to training on requesting holidays and various courses. This is super-efficient for HR.'

Four objectives

Not every employee is convinced yet that they should take their learning and career path into their own hands. In any event, the FLOWSPARKS learning platform is available to stimulate further growth and training and to make employees alert, concluded Elke Van de Walle: 'We have four objectives in mind when deploying our HR technology. The first of these is preboarding. This eliminates a lot of manual work and staff can learn about our mission, vision, values, and history, even before they start work. The system also promotes uniformity. Thirdly, when you start your job, you're no longer dependent on someone to onboard you. Finally, we stress the importance of the career and career path. We can now also – using gamification – check whether our staff are on board. This is not done to evaluate, but to adjust their path.'


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