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Recruitment race winners: digital marketing and automation

27 July 2021

Moving the right talent through the recruitment process as efficiently as possible. For strong best practices we turn to Wim Petein, sales director at Indeed and Mathias Haentjens, marketing manager at SD Worx Staffing Solutions.

Indeed is a marketplace for job seekers. “We use our technology and digital expertise to guarantee a high-quality inflow of candidates for our clients”, says Wim Petein. One of these clients is SD Worx Staffing Solutions, the HR partner that actively supports businesses and provides them with the best employees. Competitors, then? Not at all. The companies cleverly combine their strengths.

Through digital marketing glasses

“Suppose we receive a request for a hundred order pickers”, says Mathias Haentjens. “Do we simply drop off a bag of money at Indeed? That’s not how it works. Every job role on the Indeed platform has a certain balance point for supply and demand. This point determines the correct price for an application. The data from Indeed helps us to determine this point. Paying more doesn’t necessarily result in more applications. If you give too little, there is still potential to find more candidates with more budget. As such, Indeed is an important part of the solution we present to our clients.

If we have a budget of 1,500 euro, is it smart to use this money on a sponsored job vacancy on Indeed or to opt for a different solution, like a virtual hiring event, targeted ads or a Google campaign?

Recruitment campaigns are viewed through digital marketing glasses. They start from the logic that they have to allocate budget where the result is candidates. “Measuring and monitoring is essential. We are highly focused on the structure of the campaigns. We used to combine order pickers with a supply chain manager for example, because both are logistics roles. Now, we create campaigns that follow the vacancy’s ‘ecosystem’: order pickers and cashiers, supply chain managers and java developers. We match our budget to the scarcity of the talent. If the supply chain manager is scarcer than the order pickers, we will spend the majority of our money on the supply role. Indeed has perfect data insights on the reality of the labour market.

Increasing your budget without this knowledge is pointless. If your data tells you there are no more fish in the sea, it only increases your cost per conversion. This way, we work with Indeed to maximise the reach and profitability of our campaigns.”

“Indeed measures every touchpoint”, adds Wim Petein. “For example, the vacancy title and text are important. Sales tiger and beer ambassador, don’t do that. Nobody uses these search words. We use marketing insights during strategic sessions with our partners: who are the applicants, where are they, which keywords are they using, how many of them are there? Our clients proactively use this data as a basis for their recruitment decisions.”

Necessary shift to technology

Wim Petein: “We also support our clients with recruitment technology. We automated all manual recruitment tasks on the Indeed application platform. This way, our clients can manage large groups of applicants and quickly select the relevant talents. The candidates answer online screening questions for the first screening. This could involve certificates, but also language fluency, availability of transport, etc. The candidates who pass this selection can immediately select an available timeslot for an interview with the recruiter. The systems takes care of all communication. The interview itself takes place online, on the platform, at the agreed time.”

“Our last study ‘hr: from pit lane to pole’ on HR optimisation, indicated that 26% of Belgian HR professionals were planning investment in digitisation and automation”, says Mathias Haentjens. “This is very important for us. For example, we often show applicants a video on the content of the job to be sure that the role matches their expectations. This reduces the number of employees who drop out. We also provide safety instructions, automatic language tests and more.”

Wim estimates that they have automated 72% of the traditional recruitment tasks. That does not mean recruiters will become redundant. “Instead, they free up time for ‘real’ people business, enhancing the quality of the work. The result: gains for the company and for the candidate.”

“Knowledge of digital recruitment is now essential”, says Mathias Haentjens. “But human interaction is still the essence. Automating recruiters out of the process, or replacing them with AI - I absolutely do not believe in that. In the tight labour market of the coming years, the human aspect will make the biggest difference.”

Complementary service provision

Do the companies ever get in each other’s way? Mathias: “Yes, Indeed has technology that is also offered by SD Worx Staffing Solutions. But above all, we are complementary partners. Our approach is to shuffle around our ‘powers’ until we have reached an optimal provision for the client.”

“We sometimes compare ourselves to the structure of our country, where powers move from federal to Flemish level, and vice versa”, says Wim. “The powers are still there, we just change the place they’re carried out.”

Reviews are gaining importance

“There is a six-month gap between the first time someone considers changing jobs and the moment they take a first step”, Wim states. “What does your company mean to these people during their orientation phase? There are plenty of opportunities for positioning yourself as an employer. At Indeed, you can actively manage an extensive company profile. Visitors discover salary info on the platform, as well as Q&As and reviews via integration with Glassdoor. These reviews are becoming more and more important, just like in other sectors.”


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