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27 July 2021

We need to get everyone on board

Karin Van Roy works from the HR department to support the implementation of new processes and IT systems at Arvesta. The organisation’s change management is anchoring the change within the company with the help of service provider Accenture.

05 July 2021

Pay attention to human solutions too

The digitisation of HR processes experienced a great boost during the pandemic. According to trend researcher & innovation designer Cécile Cremer, one of the speakers at, we are at an important crossroads. “We can’t manage without technology anymore, but we also have to cherish the human aspect.”

04 July 2021

The employee experience and the technology behind it

Innovation, individualisation, and flexibility are not only important values for IT consultant CTG as an organisation, but also the principles applied by Ferdi Claes in shaping the employee experience. “And what better domain for an employer to prove this than salary?”, reasons the HR Managing Director.

04 July 2021

The HR itsme

UQalify launched a HR and Learning profile that lasts a lifetime, offers a picture of who employees really are, and that can be used to match them with jobs and training. The Dutch Etil Research Corporation gratefully uses the possibilities on offer and becomes the first international partner.

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