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Training management platforms: the highway to success?

28 September 2022

Lifelong learning has become indispensable in these rapidly changing times. Do you want to be a future-proof company? Then you should be constantly investing in the personal development of your people. Today, training and education is a key element in serving your customer to perfection.

Jaime Lopez Peñalver, sales training manager at sustainable energy provider Eneco talks about his experience with Rise Up, a well-known Training Management Platform. Together with Timo Ket, territory manager at Rise Up, he also discusses the future of e-learning platforms.

Why did Eneco adopt an LMS system?

Jaime: “Eneco is more than an energy supplier. We are pioneers in the sustainable energy transition. This means we want to abandon the use of traditional large fossil fuel energy sources and only opt for green production sources like solar and wind energy. We want to help our clients with their efforts to become sustainable households and that requires a lot of expertise. Preferably within one contact. This requires continuous training of everybody within our organisation. To take the quality of our training courses to an even higher level, Eneco was on the look-out for the right LMS partner.”

Why did Eneco prefer to work with Rise Up?

Jaime: “Several benefits won us over. The simplicity and speed of creating interactive e-learnings is definitely a plus. Next to that, the user-friendliness of the platform for trainee and trainer and certification tests and quiz modules are extensive enough to organise fine and interactive tests that also minimise pitfalls.

A big plus was the presence of a translation tool which allows us to create training sessions for both Flemish and French-speaking employees who are part of the Belgian Eneco team. It is important that both target groups have all the information they need to do their jobs properly.”

Timo is territory manager at Rise Up. What makes Rise Up different from countless other systems?

“Rise Up offers a one-stop-shop solution: LMS, LXP, LRS, LCMS, mobile and multimodal services. We aim to improve the experience of the person taking the training. In addition, thanks to the authoring tool, you have the possibility to create your own training courses, harnessing blended learning as an opportunity. In this way companies, such as Eneco, can ensure that employees achieve their learning objectives in many different ways, e.g. through video, interactive e-learning, ppts, texts, animations, exercises, etc.”

Training methods continue to evolve and so does Rise Up.

How can blended learning be an opportunity?

Timo: “Especially in current times when we are switching between working at the office and at home, the combination of online and offline is a logical step to give your employees more flexibility.”

Jaime: “Flexibility is exactly what training at Eneco is all about. In the first stage we want to provide the basic knowledge online via the platform. This gives each employee the opportunity to process the information at their own time and pace. In this way the course remains useful for both new and experienced employees. Afterwards, more difficult matters are further clarified by one of our professionals during training in real life.”

How did Eneco experience the implementation of Rise Up?

Jaime: “Rise Up is a very intuitive platform. Furthermore, several clear modules are provided through Rise Up Academy that explain step by step how you can set up your own live training. During the first year we also received monthly personal coaching in which all our questions were answered. Besides, if we didn't know how to solve something afterwards, we could always count on the helpdesk.

Are the Rise Up training courses well received by Eneco employees?

Jaime: “Last year, we conducted a survey among our employees. The results were very positive. On average, the system was rated 4.5 out of 5. So we are very satisfied with Rise Up. They are always ready to help us and they handle feedback very well.”

Timo, I would like to end with one last question for you: does the future of Rise Up look bright?

Timo: “As Jaime already said, the intuitiveness of the Rise Up platform and its user-friendliness ensures satisfied customers. In the coming years, Rise Up will continue to focus on how we can offer courses most effectively. We have even more exciting news: In early May 2022, Rise Up raised 30 million euros to advance employee learning across Europe.

We are expanding our commercial organisation and product suite, and localising our solutions for European markets. At the moment, we are adding adaptive learning to our platform. Based on a trainee’s test results at the beginning, people can be divided according to their level of knowledge. To end I’d like to say that training methods continue to evolve and so does Rise Up.”

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