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We’re always connected, but are we connected at work?

13 September 2022

The actions Bart Auwers describes are taken locally and were confirmed in global research by Accenture. A lot of insights were gained from no less than 1,100 C-level executives and 5,000 workers in multiple roles and ways –front-line and fully on-site, hybrid and fully remote – across 12 countries.

Online until infinity?

Accenture describes omni-connected as “the complete experience of work: feeling connected, being included, and knowing we belong, regardless of our physical location. When we are omni-connected, we use technology and human ingenuity to make sure we are seen, can fully contribute, and have equal quality of experience.” In short, it’s a new reality we are living in.

Also take in mind that omni-connected experiences do not mean being connected 24/7, but quite the opposite!

Though our devices are always switched on, only one in six people feel highly connected at work. On the other hand, organisations where people feel highly connected to each other, their leaders and their work, stand to gain a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year. Let that sink in.

Accenture believes that people as well as business both thrive from omni-connected experiences in meaningful ways:

  • Financial: Omni-connected companies experience a 7.4% revenue growth premium per year.
  • Trust: Where there’s greater trust, people are 35% more likely to deliver high-quality work
  • Retention: Being omni-connected accounts for 59% of an employee’s intention to stay.
  • Productivity: Employees who benefit from omni-connected experiences:  over 90% say they can be productive anywhere. [1] 

If you want to create value through omni-connected experiences, Accenture has got you covered. There are four key actions to apply:

  • Instill human leadership: It’s all about empathy, compassion, transparency and trustworthiness
  • Grow a thriving culture: Nurture cultural norms that prioritize purpose, authenticity and psychological safety
  • Enable the agile organisation: Take flexibility to another level and scale different ways of working
  • Empower people through technology [2]: a robust foundation and the ability to experiment are key elements

We need to make the connection and it matters now. Because mental health is more important than ever and next to that there are significant economic challenges to tackle. Also, talent pools are shrinking, and people are fundamentally re-thinking their relationship with work.

 A strong work environment full of support for its employees is an accelerator for the future. That’s where omni-connection can make you scale your business.

How will you make your organisation a great place to work for the next decades? Take actions today to better access talent, create and unlock your talent potential, and support your talent with technology. Be omni-connected.

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