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HRtech 2023

the future
of HR

October 2 & 3, 2024 Handelsbeurs, Antwerp

HRtech is where HRtech solutions, innovations and insights come together with the aim to take a leap forward to HRtech integration. A place where all relevant businesses meet and showcase. Get inspired, get connected and be empowered.

What to expect




One-on-one meetings


Breakout sessions

The venue


Rich history. Grand future.

The perfect slogan to describe the venue of a tech event. Handelsbeurs Antwerpen remains a stunning setting. Its high ceilings and neo gothic elements combined with state-of-the-art technology will make you forget about your day-to-day business and focus on today’s topic.

At the Handelsbeurs, an inspiring meeting place, you will have the opportunity to connect with others and explore every little corner of this historical event venue by attending HRtech 2024. 


HRtech believes technology is a driving force in a rapidly changing world of work. It will be instrumental in designing more efficient processes, creating an engaging employee and learning experience and enable better decision making. We present three awards: team of the year, L&D project of the year and startup of the year.


Dare to act
Creative jack-of-all-trades, professional fun lover, brainy marketing specialist. Robert van Impe is more than just an actor and content creator. At HRtech, he speaks in his typically engaging way about entrepreneurship, guts and exploring the unknown. Drawing on his own …
Believe in the power of your mind
Being able to let go of everything for a while and find peace in your mind. According to top doctor Steven Laureys, it is something we do too little these days. Both personally and professionally, the world around us is …
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Science communication has been too serious for too long
This lack of levity is why comedian and scientist Lieven Scheire’s new show, A.I., contains plenty of witty observations. The show’s title is a nod to the technology that is the talk of the town right now, both among journalists …
Pay Day May Day
Equal pay for equal work may seem like a straightforward concept, but not always easy to achieve. In Belgium, for example, a law on pay transparency has been in place for about a decade, but it emphasises awareness-raising through reporting …
The City of Hasselt’s HR hustle
How do we keep our employees motivated, sharp, and skilled in a continuously evolving environment? It is a question that Miet Achten and Veerle Hendrikx, Talent & Development Specialists at Groep Hasselt, have been figuring out.

The initiator

Johan Van Damme

Johan Van Damme

CEO Nieuwe Media Groep

Johan Van Damme is CEO of NMG and, as a captain of industry, invests in innovative projects and start-ups.

In 1998, he founded Joos Consulting, which grew into a major player in finance consultancy. Over the years, Johan invested in many spin-offs, which are now part of United Consulting, a consultancy firm that strives to create an ideal working environment for its employees. Today, United Consulting boasts expertise in areas including Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Business Support.

About 15 years ago, Johan also acquired Nieuwe Media Groep. This media company and community-driven organisation connects people in finance and HR through in-depth content, both online and offline, as well as through events and conferences.

In In all his endeavors, Johan is immensely fascinated by technology and firmly believes in human leadership, interpretation, and analysis. Therefore, to Johan, HRtech 2024 is more relevant than ever.

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