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Digitaal Vlaanderen

Fast-growing organisations have one thing in common: it is not easy to oversee recruitment, selection, succession and management of employees. RAFI, an innovative HR tool developed by Digitaal Vlaanderen for its own HR department, allows everyone to collaborate, communicate and report seamlessly. The HR team that worked on this project won the HRtech team award 2022.

One transparent, integrated system

RAFI stands for Resource Administration Finance Information and connects all data within HR in a logical, user-friendly way. It uses one integrated system for every type of employee. Manual input is no longer necessary and the various systems were reduced to one transparent tool where the various aspects – recruitment, selection, finance, CRM,…- come together. RAFI was built from scratch in cooperation with specialists from the external IT agency ESC. The development took just under a year.

Smarter data insights

The result is an organisation in which automation of workflows and integration of various HR processes – process tracking of recruitment, performance management, financial management, capacity planning, forecasting, retention management – form the ‘backbone’ to make better strategic decisions, including through a more intelligent understanding of data previously scattered across the organisation.

Are you next?

Talking about teamwork. This team has without a doubt finalised an amazing project that benefits the HR team. What goals did your team achieve over the past year? Let us know by applying for the HRtech team award!