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Something is brewing

Duvel Moortgat is a proud and vibrant Belgian family brewery with a long history dating back to 1871. Over the years, it has grown from a small local business to a globally recognised player in the beer market. To keep up with the world’s top companies of today, Duvel Moortgat recognises the importance of digitalisation and, as a result, chose to team up with PwC and Workday to walk towards a brighter and clearer HR future. Ingrid Marcelis, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Duvel Moortgat, is excitedly embracing this new direction.

Managing data is often complicated and overwhelming for many companies, especially those operating globally like Duvel Moortgat. Scattered information across e-mails, Excel sheets, and phone calls creates confusion and inefficiency. To address these challenges, digitalisation becomes the logical solution. Duvel Moortgat recognises the benefits of embracing digital technology to simplify HR processes, but also to create a more engaging work environment for its employees. They will soon be able to retrieve data like the organisation structure and information about their pay package more easily in a user-friendly environment, and the system will also allow them to consult and manage their career path and opportunities within Duvel Moortgat.

Digital desire

“We want one button, one system that ensures data integration and provides instant access to relevant information,” Ingrid clarifies. “Employees should have an easy way to view their personal data and explore career opportunities within the company. We want a user-friendly system that supports informed decision-making, streamlines HR processes, but also makes our employees more engaged and empowered.”

We want one button, one system that ensures data integration and provides instant access to relevant information.”

Ingrid Marcelis

To achieve their digital transformation goals, Duvel Moortgat sought a partner that aligns with their business objectives. That is when they discovered Workday, a software company that offers a system that bundles and digitalises all HR processes. A personal connection with Eva De Vries, HR Technology Director at PwC, Workday’s implementation partner, was obviously a plus.

PwC and Workday have been working together since 2017 and are at the forefront of developing innovative HR solutions. Eva describes Workday as an easy-to-use software allowing companies to customise and configure it to their specific needs, making it an ideal fit for Duvel Moortgat’s requirements.

Championing challenges

“Of course, implementing such a comprehensive system brings some challenges. HR processes are usually quite straightforward, but technical issues with data and integration can arise, especially within international companies. However, Workday’s flexibility allows us to configure and overcome these obstacles, ensuring a smooth transition,” Eva explains.

The implementation process is not a quick fix but rather a work-intensive journey that takes time, up to a year and a half in Duvel Moortgat’s case. Each step forward is accompanied by necessary adjustments to fine-tune the system until it becomes a workable prototype that aligns with the company’s unique needs.

Ingrid: “To support and help employees to adapt to the new system, Duvel Moortgat is fully committed to supporting its employees through the process, offering extensive training and support to make sure all employees are familiar with the platform, where they have the freedom to work on their growth within the company through performance management and training sessions. There will also be bootcamps, organised by PwC and Workday, for employees who will be using the system more intensively.”


“In the end, digitalisation comes with a lot of advantages for Duvel,” says Ingrid. “By reducing administrative tasks and providing quick access to relevant information, it will become easier to follow up on HR administration and it will facilitate the personal growth of our employees within the company. The system’s data integration also ensures accurate and consistent information, minimising errors and improving decision-making.”

Integrations of different technologies such as multi-country payrolls are the biggest challenges of the digitisation process.”

Eva De Vries

In addition, digitalisation will allow Duvel Moortgat to comply with future regulations, such as the European Equal Pay Directive, which emphasises transparency in pay. Being prepared for such regulations allows the company to stay ahead of the curve and demonstrates its commitment to the fair and equal treatment of its workforce. Looking towards the future, Duvel Moortgat continues to look for new opportunities together with PwC. PwC acts as an end-to-end people service provider to better partner with our clients and this includes legal, personal tax, technology, change management, strategic workforce planning, leadership, culture and ESG. For instance, the company is working on a Growth Academy for which the Workday training module will be implemented. This module will give employees access to a self-developed and tailor-made training platform for Duvel Moortgat. By investing in its people, Duvel Moortgat aims to create a more engaged and fulfilled workforce, while attracting top talent to ensure a prosperous future