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Team in the building

In recent years, the traditional annual team-building activity has evolved into an important and integrated component of HR policy. Funkey, a Ghent-based team-building platform offering more than 650 team-building experiences to companies, is confident in its positive impact. For corporate entities, there is the Funkey Bizz division, which Volvo Cars has recently enthusiastically embraced.
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Digital Anthropologist

Mrs Rahaf Harfouch was part of the epic campaign team that got Barack Obama in The White House. She’s been named as Global Young Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Emmanuel Macron asked her to participate in a presidential commission on Enlightenment in a Digital Age. Her dog Pixel has his own Instapage. But this digital anthropologist is above all an authority on transformations in our workplace culture.
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Engaging virtual worlds. Will you soon work from the meta jungle?

Pieter Van Leugenhagen is one of the founders of yondr, an immersive media agency focused on VR content production. They have been in business since 2014, which is an eternity in the VR landscape: "We were pioneers and grew quickly. The service offering has broadened to a more immersive medium, but always with a storytelling-driven approach in mind where brand experience is at the forefront." Today, yondr is the reference for metaverse and digital experience in general. Hologram, anyone?
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AI: Human After All?

According to the 2022 IBM Global AI Adoption Index, 35% of companies worldwide are now using AI. 42% is on the verge. It will become ubiquitous. Computer scientist Kriti Sarma warns of the consequences when human biases slip into algorithms that ultimately decide if you get a loan, insurance or that new job. But it’s not Cassandra, the mythical figure who only predicted bad things. As the founder of AI for Good, Kriti is optimistic: “This is our chance to remake a more equal society.”
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Bouncing Back

From YouTube to Google and then VP at Twitter, Bruce Daisley has a thing for social media but also for work culture. He’s a true workplace culture enthusiast who talks about hybrid working and resilience. Above all, Bruce is a #1 bestselling author. Not bad! However, that hyped word resilience evokes many questions. What is resilience and how can we be resilient?
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Mbrella, an HR platform offering flexible and sustainable mobility solutions, won the HRtech Startup of the Year 2022 award during the HRtech gala at the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp. The company offers an innovative solution to integrate the mobility budget.
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