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Something is brewing

Duvel Moortgat is a proud and vibrant Belgian family brewery with a long history dating back to 1871. Over the years, it has grown from a small local business to a globally recognised player in the beer market. To keep up with the world’s top companies of today, Duvel Moortgat recognises the importance of digitalisation and, as a result, chose to team up with PwC and Workday to walk towards a brighter and clearer HR future. Ingrid Marcelis, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Duvel Moortgat, is excitedly embracing this new direction.
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Hunting season is open

The fact that we are - still - confronted with a candidate market today is clear. Moreover, the market with active job seekers is limited. Online job ads are a necessary part of an efficient recruitment strategy, but even there, finding the right talent is not easy. Displaying targeted content is therefore crucial for keeping potential candidates interested and also attracting the attention of passive jobseekers. Sofie Van Haele, B2B Marketing Manager at Stepstone and her colleague Stéphanie Loop, Manager Customer Success, share their thoughts on how they are tackling this challenge at Stepstone.
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Career development 2.0

In a rapidly changing job market, employees are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities. They want to explore their skills, discover potential occupations that match their capabilities and identify relevant training paths to pursue their desired career. The Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB) believes in the power of data and AI to support both employees and employers in this change of mindset.
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Cherishing talent: the art of coaching

Curious, entrepreneurial employees are what drives a company in today's rapidly evolving environment. So, creating a stimulating atmosphere where people get the chance to explore and develop their talents without judgement becomes necessary in every organisation. And that is exactly where CoachHub comes in. “It is time to change the perspective that coaching is only for the lucky few”, states Patrick Rütten, Senior Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub. “It is a proven practice that has advantages for all kinds of industries and use cases.”
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May the force be with you

Strategic workforce planning is not new. The concept has been proving its success for years and is seen as the way to go in many HR departments. Today, data and AI are breathing new life into it, creating many new opportunities. Peter-Andries Albrecht, Head of Global Talent at Umicore, and Yves van Durme, Global Organisational Transformation Leader at Deloitte, share how strategic workforce planning makes a difference.
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Digital didactics

Spending three hours in a classroom and then applying the knowledge gained during on-the-job training is a thing of the past. “Digital learning saves employees a lot of time and makes consuming theory more interactive and therefore more enjoyable,” says Jonas Maerschand, National Sales Manager at FLOWSPARKS. “In addition, the on-the-job story remains crucial. By turning to digital, there can be even more focus on experiencing and executing the theory.”
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Body tech

Data and technology are more important in our lives than ever. We collect data continuously and do whatever it takes to interpret them. And that is where the danger lurks: during the rush of the day, we forget to feel in addition to thinking. Creating balance and working on yourself still has a woolly connotation in a lot of organisations. At Randstad RiseSmart, they are convinced that feeling is at least as important, and can also be translated to the workplace in a rational way.
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Power to the employee

When looking for a job today, people want to know what it is like in your company. What is the culture? Why do people like working there? What are the challenges? If you succeed in turning your own employees into ambassadors, you have a powerful asset.
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Data-centric culture clash

Technology pushes us to learn every day. Data changes at the speed of light and, on top of that, the expectations are high. All industries are eagerly watching IT to find out what is next. How do we give the customer that little bit extra? What actions can we take to perform better? Jocelyn Darbroudi, CIO at Securex, and Dorien Roes, Country Manager of Belux at Workday, shed light on their ongoing efforts to deal with these challenges.
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