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October 2022: HRTECH.gala, HRTECH.lounge & HRTECH.conference will be a physical event with interaction, networking and live meetings, taking into account the latest COVID-19 instructions.

galadinerDuring the HRTECH.gala [05.10.2022], the presentation of the HRTECH.2022.awards celebrates the HR(TECH) team and HRTECH startup that have embodied this HRTECH revolution. Combined with an inspirational keynote.

At the HRTECH.lounge [06.10.2022] innovative HR service providers and startups showcase their products and services. On the HRTECH.conference [06.10.2022] three major topics are addressed:

  • HRTECH trends
    Technology is a driving force in a rapidly changing the world of work. It will be instrumental in designing more efficient processes, creating an engaging employee experience and enable better decision making.
  • Leading in a tech world
    What is the impact of the technical revolution on leadership? How is a future proof company structured and managed and what is the role of HR? Which technologies are here to stay, how to implement these technologies and stay on the forefront of innovation?
  • The reskilling revolution
    New technologies will reshape millions of jobs. Digital and transversal skills are increasingly necessary to seize emerging job opportunities. Which new skills will be valuable? What new forms of work are emerging? And how should we tackle the skill gap in our job market?




We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Handelsbeurs Antwerp in October. More...

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